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The best of Andalucía, Spain, the world's leading producer

The olive oil we represent is cultivated and packed by growers in Andalusia--Spain's southern region and leader in global olive oil production--with the utmost dedication to superior quality and service. Italy has traditionally been the main buyer and seller of Andalusia's olive oil, though evolving consumer awareness and supplier capabilities are exposing the world to Andalusia's unequaled quality, directly from its growers' own sustainable brands.


Our producers combine time-honored traditions with modern technologies and vast experience in distribution to offer consumers an accessible, world-class product, and a window into the Mediterranean culture of olive oil. Below is a summary of their aggregate data. Please contact us to hear more about the growers in order to match specific brands, varieties, and packaging to your needs.

Olive Varieties Picual, Hojiblanca, Royal, Arbequina, Sikitita
Provinces Jaén, Granada
Avg. Acidity 0.03%
Agv. years in operation 50
Annual Output (kg) 19,000,000
Number of farms 1000+
Total Area (acres) 17,500
On-site processing Yes
Organic Yes
Integrated Farming Yes

Premium Oils+Affordable Quality+Sustainable Farming


Our growers serve the oil they produce to their families. They use modern equipment and processing systems, practice sustainable farming techniques, and abide by the strictest international quality standards, having earned one or more of the following certifications*:

*Additional certificates and testing are provided upon buyer request.


The extra virgin oils we work with are picked directly from the tree by hand or mechanical processes only, between mid October and mid November. To maximize the extraction of the olives' original characteristics and health-promoting properties, they are cold pressed under two hours (premium varieties) or between 4-6 hours (extra virgin) after picking. Some growers harvest at night to guarantee low temperatures throughout the entire process.

Additionally, our growers are certified for their integrated farming practices which are at the forefront of innovative techniques for energy use, water control, and biomass to harmonize production with the natural environment. Even the estates that have achieved complete self sustainability continue investing in research related to their carbon footprint, organic farming techniques, and new olive varieties.


Home to Nasdek, LLC, Granada is the third largest producer of olive oil in Spain and the world, with 184.527 hectares of olive trees that create employment for 30% of rural workers. The province has produced an average of 100,000 metric tons in recent years.

The principal types of olives cultivated are picual, lucio, loaime and nevadillo negro.


Spain leads the world in olive oil production, and Jaén, with over 60 million olive trees within an area of 13.496,09 km2 (5,200 square miles), leads both Spain and the world. Jaén alone produces 20% of the world's output, outperforming the world's second leading producer, Italy.

Its 550,000 hectares of fields, which account for 40% of the olive trees in Andalusia, contain a variety of premier olive varieties: picual, manzanillo de Jaén, royal and hojiblanca. The aspects and flavors of the province's olive oil consist of intense green colors, slight bitterness, spicy notes and fruity finishes.

Close to 80% of Jaen's agricultural terrain is dominated by olive trees, rendering the province a true expert in historical and modern cultivation and production methods.

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